Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh yes...It's 80's night

Okay, how good do we look? We had a murder mystery dinner at the Stonebrakers last night. Seriously, did we look this bad in the 80's? Too bad the pics don't show my red and black pumps and Chad's pegged pants. You can see my crimped hair, though. It was a blast. The theme was the 1985 class reunion for Murder High. I was Cindy Crawfish, the class flirt, and Chad was Judd Jensen, the class hunk. We had to act out our roles so I had to flirt with all the guys in my "class". The murderer ended up being Amanda who was the class drama queen. Serious good times. The only setback was that Chad decided to shave "steps" in the sides of his hair. So, at the end of the night he had to shave his head to get rid of them. Of course he won't shave the beard until October is over (some rule for crazy hunters), so today at church he had a shaved head and a bushy beard. Lookin good, Chaddy.

The Pumpkin Patch

Hope and I went with Hallee on her fieldtrip to a pumpkin patch on Friday. The girls had a lot of fun picking their pumpkins and going through the corn maze. Hope thought the corn she found was pretty cool, too.

Baby Maya

Katie (my sister) had her baby two weeks ago tomorrow. She is so sweet! I couldn't be there right after she was born because she had her in Fillmore. I had to wait three whole days to finally get my hands on her. She is the cutest little thing. The girls and I got to spend several days in Scipio over UEA so we got to see her quite a bit. The cutest thing is that she sleeps with her tongue out of her mouth. Congrats Katie and Jake!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Girlies Get Their Ears Pierced

Every year during the deer hunt, the women have their own fun while the men are hunting. Saturday, Mary, Amanda and I were out to lunch with the girls. Amanda had the idea of having Grandma take the girls to get their ears pierced. I didn't think they would because Hallee has a major phobia of anyone touching her ears. She had lots of ear infections when she was little and won't even let Chad or I near them. But, somehow Amanda convinced her that it was a good idea. And if Hallee does it, Hope usually follows. Hallee was first. Amanda took Hope out of the store so that she wouldn't get scared seeing Hallee. As soon as it was done, Hallee started crying and yelling, "Take them out! Take them out!" I felt so bad! Hope was next and she cried just for a second but was just fine when the girl gave her a sucker. I had to do a slide show because I couldn't decide between these pictures. They were all too cute.