Monday, February 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

We really had such a wonderful Christmas this year. I think it is a time to count your blessings. Chad and I feel so blessed to come from such great families who love and care for us under the best and worst circumstances. We are so lucky to have two sweet, healthy girls and a baby on the way. This Christmas, we were able to spend a lot a time with our families and each other. Chad had more time off this year than he has for a while. We were able to spend several days after Christmas in Scipio and Chad even did a little hunting (surprise, surprise). The girls had so much fun seeing Santa at their schools and of course opening the gifts he left on Christmas morning. All I can say is Christmas is so much more fun with kids. They are so full of curiosity and wonderment. This year Santa brought them bikes and a kitchen. They were so cute on Christmas morning, riding their bikes around our living room.

The Polar Express

Okay, so I know it was a while back, but I wanted to blog all about it. Grandpa and Grandma Scipio took the grandkids on a fun adventure to the North Pole via the Polar Express. I went with them to help out a little. It was actually a lot of fun. Not quite as wild of a ride as the movie portrays, but a good speed for us. Hallee, Hope, and Madison were all quite mesmerized by the whole thing. While the boys were changing seats and having lots of fun with each other. It was a lot of fun for the grandkids to be together. Thanks Gram and Papa!

Oh My Blogging Break!

Okay, I really have no excuse for it. But here it is February 2nd, and I am just updating my blog from 2 months ago. To be honest, I just haven't been in the blogging mood lately. Then, I think I got so far behind with Christmas and all, I just didn't want to do it. So, here goes an attempt to get caught up on all my blogging. Stay tuned...